4 Ways to be a Successful Property Manager

Before we get into the 4 ways, let’s start with an understanding that a big role in being a property manager is to understand how to market you and your company. 

With that being said, that essentially says that you will have to market in two avenues. One avenue is for client owners to be able to show the trust and ability to market and maintain their properties. The over avenue is for tenants who live in those properties. 

With that being said, let’s get into the 4 Ways to be a Successful Property Manager:

  1. Be ahead of the Curve

Ask yourself this question. What do most property management companies do that you can do better? The answer is convenience. We live in a world of convenience. Simple things such as being available at times when others aren’t or having multiple ways that tenants can pay can make a huge difference. Having maintenance policies in place where tenants can schedule appointments at a later time such as 8 pm or as early as 6 am for those who work early or work late. This will be able to translate into more tenants paying on time and more tenants being happy with their property management services. 

  1. Show innovation and improvements

Showing innovation and improvements will always take your business to new heights. For example, creating a system that will text tenants’ maintenance statuses while they are away is convenient. Being able to schedule these announcements with a release date to build anticipation is an effective technique that tells tenants that their property managers are not complacent, and they are striving for better service. 

Being innovative isn’t hard if you have others do the work for you. In other words, ideas of being “innovative” can simply come from surveys that are sent to tenants. When the tenant receives these surveys, ask them how can we improve our service or if there are any times that we’ve become an inconvenience to them and how we could be more convenient towards the tenants. 

  1. Elevating and Stay Consistent 

Let’s be honest, nobody likes when customer service isn’t consistent and nobody likes to be left in the dark. Staying consistent and elevating is a good thing for property management and it will help increase the trust of your business. Without realizing it, everything is about trust, all the way down to the beat of your heart. Doing good business, being fair and honest is consistent will take you a long way in the business. The reality is, people, need a roof over their head and if the property owner isn’t providing you consistency, it creates a worry for tenants to want to leave and go elsewhere. 


  1. Leave Your Stamp (Don’t Burn Bridges)

Branding branding branding! Throughout the tenants stay, leaving your stamp of a good first impression and a good last impression is always takes the property owner and management company a long way. You never know if that tenant may need your services again later on down the line or if that tenant knows others to recommend to your business.