The What, Why, and How of Investing in Real Estate


The What, Why, and How of Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a flexible and lucrative venture. For most of us our house is our most valuable asset. By acquiring and investing in these assets we can see big monetary returns, and build a better financial future for ourselves. 



An Investment Property is real estate acquired with the intention of earning a profit through renting the property, selling the property, or both.


Your first investment property could be the starter house you grew out of, or a new purchase all together. 


Consider a property in a neighborhood with low crime, a strong job market, attractive amenities, and reasonable prices.  Always recognize your budgetary limitations and never buy a property that you cannot afford to keep.



Housing is a basic need, so no matter what state the economy is there will always be a demand for rental properties. 


Land is a diminishing resource and because of an ever growing population the value of land continues to increase. 


Investors profit from a variety of tax benefits such as expensing mortgage interest, repairs, real estate taxes, travel expenses, and any other costs involved in maintaining your rental property. 


As an owner you control the investment and can determine how long to hold the property and can liquidate the asset at any time.


Gain a passive income through your rental property. Aside from the initial investment and upkeep costs you can earn money while still focusing on your regular job. 



Research is key when buying an investment property, no research is a recipe for disaster. Resources such as,, and trusted local 

Realtors® will help you choose the right investment property for you.


Let the tenant make the investment for you through rent. Every month your tenant will be paying your mortgage through their monthly rent. 


Hiring someone to manage the day to day. Property managers are professionals who manage your assets for you for a minimal cost. They place tenants, collect rents, and oversee the property while maximizing the rate of return. 


Introducing the All County Investors Club


At All County Property Management® we are always looking for ways to interact, benefit, and build deeper relationships with our current and future owners. We understand the importance of networking and interacting with others to obtain Long Term Wealth in Real Estate.  And so we created the All County Investors Club.


The All County Investors Club is an exclusive invite only networking community of experienced investors and property experts. 

The All County Investors Club members will benefit from:

  • Early access to investment properties before they hit the open market. Many of which  already have tenants in place.
  • The ability to collaborate and connect with fellow investors to pool your money and resources to maximize your buying power. 
  • Achieve your real estate investment goals and gain valuable knowledge and insight from a network of property experts and learn how to maximize your return on investment.
  • Discuss, share, and network with like-minded professionals.
  • And much more…


The Investors Club is set to launch this Fall! Stay tuned for more details!


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How All County is Respecting Social Distancing

How All County® is Respecting Social Distancing

As we adjust to the “new normal” in the wake of COVID-19 we are not interacting the same way we were before the virus.  In an effort to slow the virus Social distancing guidelines and measures have been adopted by nearly every business nationwide.

As an essential business All County has many contactless options and tools already in place to promote social distancing such as:

Online Integration: Pay your rent, look at documents, and make maintenance requests all from the safety and comfort of home.

Virtual Tours: Find current listings online through our website and take a virtual tour of the property.

Self-Guided Showings: Tour a potential rental property in person by yourself. Schedule a showing online and we will send you the instructions to gain access to the rental.

Text broadcast system: Receive automatic alerts regarding maintenance, payments, and weather alerts sent to your phone.

View Important Documents Online: View Online statements, tax records, lease documents and more through our renter and owner portals.

Self inspections: As an alternative to in person inspections residents can take pictures of their rentals and upload them to us for review.

Appointment Only: Our office has shifted to appointment only to protect our owners, renters, and employees.

By embracing newer technologies All County is able to continue to provide our owners and renters with the excellent services they have come to expect.

To all our current and future clients stay home and stay safe!

Applying the 6 P’s to Property Management


Applying the 6 P’s to Property Management


By failing to prepare means that you are preparing to fail. By implementing the ideas of the 6’s, you will be able to set yourself up for success. If you want your property management business to be successful, plan it, manage it and monitor your business. Below I’ve stated the 6 P’s and how they relate to your success as a property manager. 

1. Proper

To be a successful property manager, you will need to conduct proper business and have the proper tools in place to compliment that. 


2. Prior

Showing your work and establishments to owners and tenants and to be able to work with them before they sign all the way until the end of their lease. Being there prior means that you will be there later. You never know if the owner or tenant will plan to come back to you for your services. This also helps with recommendations.


3. Planning

Plans don’t always work out. However, being a part of a business, there needs to be a plan in place to ensure your owners and tenants that they are in the right hands. Planning involves having tenants understand their rental payments, how to’s on maintenance and etc; Buyers remorse is a bad thing to have your name attached to and having that secure peace of mind is everything when it comes to property management.  


4. Prevents

Taking care of business and staying on top of things to prevent matters from getting out of hand. By doing this, it allows for the property managers to run a more efficient operation and it allows for the tenant to have higher satisfaction with a peace of mind. 


5. Poor

Being able to identify issues of poor customer service, communication, perception of an organization and not follow those rules. The reality is, no business is perfect, however, it’s all about having a system in place to eliminate a majority of common issues do not have a poor reputation for property management. 


6. Performance

Having protocols and making sure owners and tenants are taken care of full circle in the most efficient way possible. Essentially, that’s what a lot of businesses are accredited off of, how well can your business perform under certain situations. If a tenant has a maintenance issue and the property manager is not able to take care of it within said times, this affects the tenants’ outlook on the property managers/management performance.