Introducing the All County Investors Club


At All County Property Management® we are always looking for ways to interact, benefit, and build deeper relationships with our current and future owners. We understand the importance of networking and interacting with others to obtain Long Term Wealth in Real Estate.  And so we created the All County Investors Club.


The All County Investors Club is an exclusive invite only networking community of experienced investors and property experts. 

The All County Investors Club members will benefit from:

  • Early access to investment properties before they hit the open market. Many of which  already have tenants in place.
  • The ability to collaborate and connect with fellow investors to pool your money and resources to maximize your buying power. 
  • Achieve your real estate investment goals and gain valuable knowledge and insight from a network of property experts and learn how to maximize your return on investment.
  • Discuss, share, and network with like-minded professionals.
  • And much more…


The Investors Club is set to launch this Fall! Stay tuned for more details!


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Getting Your Property Rental-Ready


Curb appeal is extremely important because it’s the first thing a potential tenant will see. Even if you don’t have a lush, green lawn, it is important to put your best foot forward and make sure the outside of your property is appealing. Everything should be nicely trimmed. Add some mulch and flowers in the garden beds. The paint should be in good shape, free from fading or chipping. Trees should be trimmed back from the property so that a prospective tenant will drive by and want to see more. If the outside appears to need work, you’ll scare away good individuals.

Equally as important as curb appeal is the interior of the home. The walls should be freshly painted in a neutral color, and the carpet should be clean and in good repair. There should be no odor from pets or cigarettes. As you prepare the house, ensure all the appliances and cabinetry are clean and in working order. Additionally, make sure the doors are functioning with properly working locks.

View the property with an objective eye. Would you want to live there? Older properties are fine if they are in good condition, but remember, most people don’t want dated features. You will either need to price your unit lower or match the standards of the similar properties on the market.

Address any problems, especially those that could be harmful, such as mold or mildew, before you put the property on the market. Mold is a big no-no in the industry, and it can cause landlords unwanted hassles. Avoid problems before they occur by ensuring that everything is in working order.

The following checklist will help you determine whether your unit is rental-ready:


  • Exterior paint looks good and isn’t faded or peeling
  • Bushes have been trimmed
  • Yard has been mowed and is free of debris
  • Planters have been mulched and look appealing
  • All windows have screens
  • Fences are in good condition
  • A yard sign has been placed on the property (a great way to inform potential renters that your property is ready for them to call home)


  • Everything has been freshly painted
  • Baseboards have been painted and are free of dust
  • Flooring is clean and in good condition
  • Window coverings are in good condition
  • Appliances are clean and operable
  • Plumbing fixtures are in good working order
  • Bathroom tiles are in good repair without cracks
  • Windows operate normally
  • All doorknobs function and locks are in good working order
  • Garage or storage area has been swept clean
  • Air filters have been changed recently

A quality product will attract a quality tenant.

Photo: Brigitte Ferauge from Pixabay


Excerpted from Obtaining Long-Term Wealth in Real Estate: Insights and Strategies to Avoid Costly Mistakes by Sandy Ferrera. Available in hard copy and for Kindle on Sandy Ferrera is the CEO and founder of All County Property Management, one of the world’s first, best, and most comprehensive franchises in property management, with more than 55 franchises in 16 states across the country. All County provides white glove property management services: tenant screening, negotiation, placement and renewals; rent collection; maintenance coordination; and online accounting to maximize your rental home’s ROI.

Applying Six Sigma Solutions to Property Problems: Bill Copeland, All County Heartland Property Management

Applying Six Sigma Solutions to Property Problems: Bill Copeland, All County Heartland Property Management

After a career in corporate America, Bill Copeland was considering his next move. He decided to invest in himself rather than in his employer, and to start his own business. He worked with a franchise consulting company to explore options and see what made him tick. Property management arose as a possibility. He and his wife Kristy had worked with a successful real estate agent friend to buy and sell several properties, so he already had an interest in real estate.

“I’ve known Bill on a professional and personal level for several years,” says Monte Monroe of Keller Williams Platinum. “We have been involved in multiple real estate transactions. He’s proven himself to be a man of his word. His detail-oriented nature alongside his willingness to invest in his community will definitely be an asset moving forward in establishing a top-notch property management firm.”

Bill has been a professional problem solver for his entire career. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Oklahoma State University, he spent a couple of years trying to solve a company’s production problem. He reached a solution, which met the original goals and the company applauded, but which was then put aside because the improvement was no longer aligned to the company’s core business strategy. Bill realized he wanted to understand the bigger business picture, so he got his MBA and pursued Six Sigma training to learn how to better solve problems that directly impact the bottom line.

Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven business methodology that aims to increase customer satisfaction and profitability by streamlining operations, improving quality, and eliminating defects in every organization-wide process. Since obtaining his Six Sigma Black Belt certification and his MBA, Bill has progressed in continuous improvement, operations and finance, and business development in the manufacturing and education sectors. His work included working with multiple departments and locations (just as a property manager does with their residents), and addressing evolving customer needs and market opportunities (just as a property manager does for their owners).

Bill grew up in eastern Oklahoma, and met Kristy, his wife and Oklahoma City native, at Oklahoma State. Kristy also provides support to All County clients. They have lived and invested in the OKC area for more than 25 years, bringing extensive knowledge of the variety of OKC neighborhoods and opportunities. Their approach to property management combines their experience in real estate investment and the scientific process with a rigorous commitment to customer service. BiIl says, “Happy renters make happy owners,” so All County Heartland always aims for satisfaction on both sides.

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