All County Cowboy Property Managment

Owning rental properties in Wyoming just got easier. The creators of All County® Property Management are proud to announce they are expanding service to the Southeast Wyoming area.  All County® Cowboy is now one of the 55+ All County franchisees for the world’s best and most comprehensive property management franchise.

All County Cowboy provides extensive property management services to their clients. Services range from tenant screening, negotiation, placement and renewals, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and easy online accounting. Tom Haas, owner of All County Cowboy Property Management says,  “The technology we leverage and the additional services that we provide allow us to go above and beyond for both our owners and tenants.”

Freshly retired from the military after 24 years of service, Tom felt All County was a perfect next step for him. Having prior experience being a property owner before founding All County Cowboy Property Management, Tom brings a unique perspective and experience to his clients. “Having been a property owner myself for 10 years, I know what it means to invest in real estate and trust a property manager to oversee your most important asset and generate a higher return on investment.” He adds, “Our services are better than anyone else around. We want to extend those services to both owners and tenants in Southeast Wyoming.”

All County Cowboy is located at 409 S 4th St Laramie, Wyoming. Please call us at (307) 207-5100 or visit so we can ensure the best return on your property investment.


All County Cowboy has joined a nationwide network containing the world’s best and most comprehensive franchises in the property management industry. All County property managers are experts in all aspects of property management, from marketing and tenant screening to lease negotiation, rent collections, and maintenance. With over 30 years of experience in the property management industry, All County helps property owners maximize their investments by maintaining locations, communicating openly with tenants, and taking on the daily responsibilities of ownership.

All County provides franchisees the opportunity to work under the reputation of a well-established firm and gain the confidence and ability to own a business designed for success.


The What, Why, and How of Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a flexible and lucrative venture. For most of us our house is our most valuable asset. By acquiring and investing in these assets we can see big monetary returns, and build a better financial future for ourselves. 



An Investment Property is real estate acquired with the intention of earning a profit through renting the property, selling the property, or both.


Your first investment property could be the starter house you grew out of, or a new purchase all together. 


Consider a property in a neighborhood with low crime, a strong job market, attractive amenities, and reasonable prices.  Always recognize your budgetary limitations and never buy a property that you cannot afford to keep.



Housing is a basic need, so no matter what state the economy is there will always be a demand for rental properties. 


Land is a diminishing resource and because of an ever growing population the value of land continues to increase. 


Investors profit from a variety of tax benefits such as expensing mortgage interest, repairs, real estate taxes, travel expenses, and any other costs involved in maintaining your rental property. 


As an owner you control the investment and can determine how long to hold the property and can liquidate the asset at any time.


Gain a passive income through your rental property. Aside from the initial investment and upkeep costs you can earn money while still focusing on your regular job. 



Research is key when buying an investment property, no research is a recipe for disaster. Resources such as,, and trusted local 

Realtors® will help you choose the right investment property for you.


Let the tenant make the investment for you through rent. Every month your tenant will be paying your mortgage through their monthly rent. 


Hiring someone to manage the day to day. Property managers are professionals who manage your assets for you for a minimal cost. They place tenants, collect rents, and oversee the property while maximizing the rate of return. 


With a staff that offers thirty years of experience in the property management arena, the All County® Property Management Franchise opportunity is one that allows franchisees to work under the umbrella of a well-established firm – one that is licensed, insured, and an established leader in the property management industry. Our systems, training, and ongoing support will help you build a property management business fueled by long-term residual income.


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