Our Story

All County Property Management has over 50 offices across the country. But it didn’t start out this way. Back in 1990 Sandy Ferrera was a single-mom just trying to support her two boys. A few real-estate deals went south and cost her $16,000 in commissions. This is when Sandy knew it was time for a change. Sandy made the shift from real-estate sales to property management and the business took off from there. Almost 30 years later, All County is now a trusted leader in the property management industry.


In a world where everything is outsourced and automated, All County stands out by taking a traditional approach to leadership. The All County founders, Scott McPherson and Sandy Ferrera, are still involved in the business on a day-to-day level to ensure that every All County business owner and staff member is living up to the All County promises. All County promises that every homeowner will have an honest and competent professional to manage their rental property. And quality service comes from hiring quality people. All County thoroughly examines each franchise applicant and turns down around 90% of applicants. The remaining 10% are put through a sort of property management Bootcamp, where they learn everything they need to excel in property management. The result is happy investors, happy tenants, and a thriving business that continues to serve the community. When you work with an All County office you can expect world-class service that will exceed your expectations at every turn.

Property Manager and Owner Testimonials