All County Property Management Extends Services to Oklahoma City Area

Owning rental properties in Oklahoma City just got easier. The creators of All County® Property Management today are proud to announce they are expanding service to the Oklahoma City area. All County® Heartland Property Management is now one of the 50+ franchisees of one of the world’s first, best, and most comprehensive franchises in property management.

All County® provides tenant screening, negotiation, placement and renewals; rent collection; maintenance coordination; and easy, online accounting. Bill Copeland, owner of All County® Heartland says, “We take the headaches out of property management, so you can enjoy being a property owner, not a landlord.”

Bill has been a professional problem solver for his entire career. A Six Sigma Black Belt with an MBA, Bill brings experience in continuous improvement, operations and finance, and business development. When he was ready to go into business for himself, he chose property management because of his prior real estate investing experience and All County® because of its philosophy of excellence in placing and pleasing long-term stable tenants to help owners make the most of their investments. Bill believes “the key to a happy owner is a happy tenant,” and All County® Heartland will focus on bringing “harmony between owner and tenant.”

All County® Heartland is located at 2 East 11th Street, Suite 114, Edmond, OK 73034.
Please call us at 405-444-8844 or visit so we can help you get the best return on your property investment.

All County® Heartland is one of the 50+ franchisees of All County® Property Management, one of the world’s first, best, and most comprehensive franchises in property management. All County® property managers are experts in property management, from marketing and tenant screening to lease negotiation, rent collections, and maintenance. With 30 years of experience in the property management industry, All County® helps property owners maximize their investments by maintaining locations, communicating openly with tenants, and taking on the daily responsibilities of ownership.

All County® provides franchisees with the opportunity to work under the reputation of a well-established firm, and gain the confidence and ability to own a business prepared for success.

4 Ways to be a Successful Property Manager


Before we get into the 4 ways, let’s start with an understanding that a big role in being a property manager is to understand how to market you and your company. 

With that being said, that essentially says that you will have to market in two avenues. One avenue is for client owners to be able to show the trust and ability to market and maintain their properties. The over avenue is for tenants who live in those properties. 

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