Applying Six Sigma Solutions to Property Problems: Bill Copeland, All County Heartland Property Management

After a career in corporate America, Bill Copeland was considering his next move. He decided to invest in himself rather than in his employer, and to start his own business. He worked with a franchise consulting company to explore options and see what made him tick. Property management arose as a possibility. He and his wife Kristy had worked with a successful real estate agent friend to buy and sell several properties, so he already had an interest in real estate.

“I’ve known Bill on a professional and personal level for several years,” says Monte Monroe of Keller Williams Platinum. “We have been involved in multiple real estate transactions. He’s proven himself to be a man of his word. His detail-oriented nature alongside his willingness to invest in his community will definitely be an asset moving forward in establishing a top-notch property management firm.”

Bill has been a professional problem solver for his entire career. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Oklahoma State University, he spent a couple of years trying to solve a company’s production problem. He reached a solution, which met the original goals and the company applauded, but which was then put aside because the improvement was no longer aligned to the company’s core business strategy. Bill realized he wanted to understand the bigger business picture, so he got his MBA and pursued Six Sigma training to learn how to better solve problems that directly impact the bottom line.

Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven business methodology that aims to increase customer satisfaction and profitability by streamlining operations, improving quality, and eliminating defects in every organization-wide process. Since obtaining his Six Sigma Black Belt certification and his MBA, Bill has progressed in continuous improvement, operations and finance, and business development in the manufacturing and education sectors. His work included working with multiple departments and locations (just as a property manager does with their residents), and addressing evolving customer needs and market opportunities (just as a property manager does for their owners).

Bill grew up in eastern Oklahoma, and met Kristy, his wife and Oklahoma City native, at Oklahoma State. Kristy also provides support to All County clients. They have lived and invested in the OKC area for more than 25 years, bringing extensive knowledge of the variety of OKC neighborhoods and opportunities. Their approach to property management combines their experience in real estate investment and the scientific process with a rigorous commitment to customer service. BiIl says, “Happy renters make happy owners,” so All County Heartland always aims for satisfaction on both sides.

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