All County Property Management Expands to Santa Monica, California

The pandemic might have caused some worry in the real estate industry over the past year. But Santa Monica and Los Angeles investment property markets remain reliable. 

If you’re looking for property management in Santa Monica, we have good news.

Rent remains high in Santa Monica. That means there’s still a lot of people for apartments around west Los Angeles. The market’s proving that more and more people are already re-filling the city. They couldn’t stay in the suburbs for long.

Do you have an investment property in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or other parts of LA? You’ll want the best Los Angeles property management company.

And this is why we’re excited to announce that All County Franchise Corp. is extending its client-oriented services to the West Los Angeles area.

Here’s what you need to know.

Experience-Based Service with All CountyⓇ

Our CEO started our home location in 1990. She spent almost 20 years running that location before franchising in 2008.

All County Grande Hills is the newest of our 55+ franchise locations across the country. They enter the LA property management scene with layers of experience and support.

But they’re reliable beyond the franchise support system behind them. Grande Hills’ owner, and the team she’s put together, bring even more experience to the table.

This property management company in Santa Monica will keep you in good hands. And they’re people you’ll be excited to work with.

Meet the Owner: Genina Aquino

Genina Aquino had a long-time dream to open and own a business in California.

Her professional life built a firm foundation of diligent experience and relevant expertise. With that, she opened and owns All County Grande Hills.

Aquino has been in the real estate business before opening this franchise location. Previously, she bought and sold residential properties. She has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of owning, selling, and managing real estate.

But her relevant experience doesn’t stop there. Aquino’s experience also includes being a senior corporate manager, investor, and business owner.

Combine her financial, residential, management, and entrepreneurial skills. She brings all of this to the table and offers the best property management services you could ask for.

What’s Included with this Property Management in Santa Monica?

Each of our franchise locations exhibits our values and standards. Our tried-and-true services maintain for property owners and tenants. All County Grande Hills is no different.

They’re eager to provide the most reliable and efficient property management services.

Foundational Investment Property Experience

Distinct trust and reliability are required when utilizing a property management company. Genina Aquino, All County Grande Hills owner, knows this first-hand.

Aquino can best serve property investors because she used to be one.

She knows exactly what investors need from a property management company in Santa Monica. And she knows how to get the most out of your investment.

Dependable Management Services

All County Grande Hills knows that the best way to maintain an investment is to put the best practices in place. Those services include:

  • Tenant screening
  • Negotiation
  • Placement and renewals
  • Reliable rent collection
  • Up-to-date technology 
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Easy, online accounting and reporting
  • Marketing rental properties

Throughout parts of Los Angeles, All County Grande Hills will care for your investment.

They’ll deal with everything a rental property requires so you don’t have to. And they’ll do it quickly, respectably, and cost-effectively.

Property Management That Prioritizes Your Profit

We know the apprehension signing on a property management company. Your investment is supposed to make you money, not cost you and create more trouble than it’s worth.

But here’s the thing: we’ve been doing this for a long time.

Our CEO started out by building a real estate investment portfolio. Then, she stepped into property management after she knew exactly how to do it the best way. Maximizing property investments in the present and for the long run.

All County Grande Hills owner, Genina Aquino, brings the same understanding.

Here’s how we’re able to maximize your profit:

  • Utilize our network of resources within our franchise organization
  • Provide a network of vendor relationships (quality work and great prices)
  • Evaluate your property and get the most out of it
  • Market your property fast
  • Place the right tenant and decrease vacancies
  • Keep maintenance up to par and give your property longevity
  • Offer our inner-organization investment network

And if your rental property is in Los Angeles County, you’ll want the most out of your investment. And you’ll want a team who can make that happen.

Rental Management Services Beyond Santa Monica

Our organization prides itself on extending knowledge and resources to build investment portfolios.

All County Grande Hills’ office is in Santa Monica. But their property management services aren’t limited to just that area. Those include zip codes in:

  • Los Angeles
  • Beverly Hills
  • Santa Monica

What does that mean for you? Grande Hills’ opportunity to manage your property isn’t limited to Santa Monica. It also means that there’s huge potential to continue growing your investment portfolio.

Investment Property in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills

We’ve all been through a whirlwind of a year—no matter your industry.

The onset of the pandemic slowed the housing market and probably made a lot of people uneasy.

But over here at All County, long-time knowledge of this industry allowed us to remain calm. We knew this is a stable industry. We knew investment opportunities for the owners within our network would keep coming.

If you have an investment property in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, parts of Los Angeles, you might need a property management company. Or maybe you’re just starting to learn about investment properties. You want to build your own rental portfolio, and you’re interested in these areas.

Either way, we want you to receive the best service possible. And we want you to be confident in this decision.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to real estate investing or if you’re seasoned and looking for new property management. You’ll want to have All County Grande Hills in your corner with properties in and around Santa Monica.

Not in southern California? Check out our other locations across the country.